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Recent Changes To Facebook & How It Will Affect Your Business

If your business uses Facebook for advertising purposes, you should be up to date with the latest changes to Facebook. If not, your business is going to suffer losses as a result of relying on outdated advertising strategies.

On the other hand, Facebook is a social media platform with over two billion users worldwide. Whenever Facebook announces any change to its algorithm – whether small or big – all marketers have to take notice. This article provides information on recent changes to the Facebook algorithm and how it will affect your business.

Prioritising Posts From Family And Friends Over Posts From Businesses

Facebook’s CEO announced that a new algorithm update will give priority to posts that users can continue conversations and relate to more easily. Hence, the social media giant decided that their news feeds will have less content from business pages and more posts from family and friends.

Businesses were severely affected by this algorithm update. As a way out, most businesses choose to share controversial topics to increase engagement. But this continued only for a few months as Facebook didn’t like the way businesses were sharing posts. So they released another algorithm to demote posts that sound controversial or sensational.

Businesses were once again affected by this algorithm. The only way to survive in such an environment is to promote content that is worth sharing and provoke discussions. Businesses can take advantage of this algorithm update by sharing video content compared to images and posts. Videos have a better engagement rate compared to posts and images.

The Importance Of Influencers

People usually like to follow celebrities and influencers on social media. In fact, they like to remain highly engaged with influencers and celebrities. Facebook understands the importance of influencers in bringing more ad revenue to them. The new “private” Facebook gives prominence to these influencers. Hence, you should take advantage of this change by continuing to nurture relationships with key influencers your prospects follow.

Limiting The Number Of Ads

Usually, the number of ads your business can have is limited by how much money you spend on these ads. The latest Facebook update will limit the number of ads a brand can run on the platform. Since this number is going to be high, it won’t drastically affect or have an impact on most businesses out there – unless you spend millions of dollars on Facebook advertising. If your brand is affected by this algorithm change, you should prioritise ads that have more impact on your business.

Facebook algorithm changes will not go away any time soon. They will keep on tweaking the algorithm making it harder for brands to survive. The best way to survive these Facebook algorithm changes is to share quality and relevant content that your customer base is willing to share with their friends and family. Video content is more appealing to your customer base compared to text and image content. The aforementioned article provides information on recent changes to the Facebook algorithm and how it will affect your business.

Other considerations are how the introduction of new privacy settings on Apple products will impact on your advertising. When people choose to block sharing of data, this means that Facebook will not be able to promote your adverts to people who have chosen this option. It remains to be seen how this is going to affect businesses in the long term and Facebook are taking measures to fight this.

For those who are creating their own Facebook campaigns consideration now also has to be given to the domains that you are using.

Only 8 events are now allowed using one domain – this means that if you are running over 8 campaigns using different conversion events you are going to have to purchase or use different domains to comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Overall, the best advice to give with Facebook advertising is to keep up-to-date with their terms and conditions as these change on a regular basis. This way, you can be prepared and stay ahead of your competitors.

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