To see our terms and conditions, please follow the link here which is in conjunction with our Execution Plan for running social media campaigns – see below – this also forms part of the terms of service. If you require any further information, contact us at admin@grapevinemarketing.co

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Grapevine Marketing

Execution Plan

  • Creation of online targeted advertising – initially using Facebook/Instagram as most people who are potential clients use this medium.  This will involve creating adverts to a proven method.  This advert will then be targeted at your ideal customer by geographical area, type of business they are in, age, interests, previous interest shown in your competitors’ businesses, income etc.
  • Installation of pixel (code) where necessary and testing
  • Full integration of different platforms and software providers
  • Creating a sales funnel/lead forms where appropriate, to capture data from any qualified leads – a lead is usually provision of a name, email address and/or telephone number
  • Creating pages for funnels/lead forms (for conversion/traffic campaigns) – each one capturing data and creating urgency using a time incentive and/or further offers and value
  • Setting up domains/sub-domains with security certificates for these pages where required
  • Using these pages and emails to increase trust and educate your prospects about what you do – this could be an information flyer, for example “Know the Ten Key Points about……” and/or an exclusive offer, ‘before and after’ images and testimonials
  • Monitoring and sending you qualified leads (where lead capture has been part of the campaign) and storing their information – it is highly recommended that your company follows up with these leads at the soonest opportunity by telephone.  We also recommend having an on-line booking system as this will increase uptake and save you time.
  • Creation of follow-up emails/messaging (dependent on plan) which create urgency and give information about your business and proof of your success.  Also complying with data opt-in and unsubscribe options
  • Setting up automation systems for data capturing, email generation and reporting
  • Creating an automated text and/or spreadsheet alert for you which gives you the leads’ details in ‘real-time’
  • Optimise the performance of your Facebook campaigns by adjusting targeting, image, ad copy, headlines and changing coding links – each change needs 4-7 days to test it and the testing phase can take up to a month – longer for higher ticket or less popular services
  • Once the winning combination is found, we continue to optimise to get you the best performance within your budget – campaigns are monitored 7 days a week so that we can tweak as necessary
  • Communicating with you on a regular basis about the data generated and how to increase leads in future
  • Training resources are provided: fact sheet, scripts, text templates and advice to help you convert leads to paying clients
  • Once this is set up and generating leads, we can focus on getting your LinkedIn profile working for you if that is required and getting leads through this – this is a separate paid for service – more usually used for Business to Business
  • If required and suitable for your business, we can also create a Google Ads campaign – this is a separate paid for service
  • Website creation and SEO optimisation is also another service we can offer, to get you ranking high up on Google – separate paid for service
  • Please note that we own all intellectual property for campaigns, be that wording, images, video, Facebook page creation, email content, etc – unless any of them are your own.  Permission is needed to reproduce or use these either in part or in full.

There is usually a set-up fee charged per campaign.  At our discretion, this can be waived for payment in advance and if campaigns created are live for at least one month.

If you have any questions about this, please email admin@grapevinemarketing.co or drop us a message on 07779 253759.

Thank you.