What is the investment?

Every campaign is unique to your business and your requirements

We will have an in-depth discussion to make sure that you are a good match for what we do

Once we have done this, we will let you know how much of an investment you will need to get the results you desire

It is important that you view this as an investment… in the same way that you would with investing in staff, premises, training and equipment

Some forms of advertising may not need such a big investment – usually Facebook advertising is better value for money but doesn’t suit all businesses

The easiest way to find out is to head to our contact form and then we can arrange a ‘no-obligation’ chat to find out more about you and your business

What is SEO?

This is an abbreviation of the words Search Engine Optimisation

Most businesses want to be on the first page of Google searches… to do this, is a complex process and will take usually at least four months to achieve

If anybody tries to tell you anything different to this, beware!… there are some practitioners who are doing what we call ‘spamming Google’… this is where they may use key words in your business title on Google My Business or post live videos from YouTube using your website’s url

Google will know they are doing this, or it may get reported… once this happens, your business and sites related to it, will be removed from Google searches – you do not want this to happen!

How much do I need to spend on daily Facebook advertising?

This will vary depending on your expected outcomes

It will range from £5 for a simple engagement campaign to £50 for a national campaign

For most campaigns it ranges between £15 to £20 a day

We will always optimise your campaigns to give you the best value for money

How can LinkedIn Outreach Marketing help my business?

We often use LinkedIn to generate new clients for your business

This is particularly suitable if you are looking for B2B clients

We will help with optimisation of your profile, messaging and responding to those who connect

This is an often overlooked method to increase leads that are ready to take action