What our clients are saying about us?

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Julie Richards

Ann is amazing!

We’re currently solidly booked up for the next month. All the leads we get in salon exactly meet our criteria for generating long term clients and we are now taking on additional staff and equipment to deal with the demand. Ann’s advice along every step of the process is priceless. As others have said she goes above and beyond… an 88% increase in profit over the same quarter in the previous year!  


Dr Saadia Meyer

Well constructed and executed campaign that resulted in far more leads than expected, Ann knows her stuff and we are already working on the next one!


Craig Robertson

Fantastic results way over our expectations and we look forward to more success with these gurus of Facebook advertising.


Ruth Strachan

Marketing campaign was so successful I can’t keep up and looks like I could be reaching my goals of expanding much sooner than I had anticipated. Ann is fantastic and knows exactly how to reach your target market!”


Jason Reid

The ultimate solution for any small business looking for customers! They know exactly what they’re doing and stay up-to-date.


Katrina Li

Awesome to work with and very professional, great personality! would recommend for sure !


Julie Allen

Ann is such a lovely lady to work with. She thoroughly explains the whole procedure and sometimes when you think that things are not going to plan she reassures you in such a kind way and explains what will happen and it does like clock work. We are delighted with the leads and they are building our client base lovely.  We are very excited about the growth of our business and with Ann and Ewan being an incremental part of this. Thank you, you are fantastic!


Saima Rashid

Lovely to work with and very supportive.  Give you the right amount of push needed to get your business up and running. Has been amazing working with them


Marcus Matthews  

There are so many people out there promising to get clients in, I personally have spent too much money on poor Marketing.

I am still in the starting process of my Facebook Marketing with Ann, but what I can say is the leads are flooding in.

However that is not the main reason why I would recommend working with Ann.

She is very flexible in making changes to the sales funnel, what this means is that you have a partner who wants the best for your business.

I wanted someone who wanted me to succeed not make a quick personal gain, these are at the very core of my business as a therapist and coach.

Although things are in the early stages I am hopefully that I will be working with Ann on a constant basis from now on in.

Can’t afford Marketing?

You have to invest to receive and I would say the value Ann gives is outstanding.

I could not recommend her highly enough.

Thank you

If you would like to contact me directly please do and you can find out more about how I help people at


There are still some people in this world that want you to succeed and alongside me, Ann is one of them


Farzana Sarwar

Hi everyone

I would just like to recommend  Ann and Ewan who have been working tirelessly on our Facebook campaign.  I am really impressed with how they set us up with a campaign and are constantly monitoringand tweaking the campaign to get us the best possible leads. Another great thing I have noticed is their passion and enthusiasm for their work and I really feel they approach this as if it were their own business with diligence and care in all that they do. This is a very challenging industry but Ann and Ewan are up to the challenge which is fantastic as they are not phased and remain incredibly calm and helpful!  Ann and Ewan really want this campaign to be successful as much as I do and this comes across in their proactive positive approach. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done so! Thank you


Patrick Wilkes

Grapevine Marketing has gone above and beyond to take care of my business needs. Choose this company if you need more clients!


Joanne Griffin

Amazing results on day 1 we had 25 very strong leads.  I have been so impressed with the support – has been amazing  excited to see my business grow and flourish